Food & Pharmaceutical Packaging

We Manufacture and supply packaging film, bags, sheets and liners for the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries. We understand at Sarpak that food contact packaging demands packaging with safety and integrity at its core. We have developed rigorous controls to ensure that the necessary hygiene levels are maintained. As a result, we have accreditation against the British Retail Global packaging standard.

We manufacture a wide range of specially designed bespoke food & Pharma grade packaging that matches your production processes high demands for dimensional accuracy and hygiene.

Packaging can be supplied, as film on the roll, tear off sheets and bags on a roll, or as singles flat packed in a box. Benefits are:

  • Complies with European packaging regulations
  • Easy opening - non blocking
  •  High strength blends
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  •  Accurate control over thickness & width
  • Improved packaging integrity
  • Reliable performance
  • Vast array of colours available
  • Environmental options available

We can also manufacture and supply packaging film or bags coloured/printed. This customised solution enables you to maximise your output and minimise your packaging costs.
Our polythene films and bags are suitable for both manual and automated applications.