Collation Shrink Films

We manufacture and supply collation shrink film packaging that is designed to be cost-effective, highly efficient. It is an incredibly versatile means of protecting products in storage and transit. These high performance films are meeting the high demands of a range of products from food and Beverage to a host of Pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Use of the latest extrusion technologies allow us to provide an unrivalled choice of plain and printed Collation Shrink Films

  • Tear resistant properties – Excellent pack handling qualities
  • High puncture resistance – High resistance when film is handled
  • Stiffness – Feeds and wraps without interruption on high speed machinery
  • Optics - High impact optics
  • UV – UV Resistant Qualities
  • Cost reduction – Less material more yield

Industries Served

  • Food and Beverage processes
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Ingredients
  • Chemicals
  • Health and Beauty